Strategies for Success

You have been very successful in getting most of your weight off, but now you have 15-20 pounds to go and you have hit a roadblock. How do you get around the roadblock? Is there anything else you can do to pick up the momentum?

Here are some ideas to help you navigate your journey. First of all, surround yourself with success. Maybe you know someone else who has lost and kept their weight off! Enlist their help and listen to their story! Study why you have been so successful thus far! What has kept you going despite life’s challenges?

Secondly, make sure your plan is structured. It is easy to go astray if the guidelines aren’t clear-cut. If you are not sure of something, try to get more structure in your plan! This will help you achieve your goals! If you have been following the full meal replacement program (Optifast), then enjoy its structure as there is no guesswork.

Third, think often about your goals: weight loss, better health, better mobility, remission of medical problems, etc. Know about your destination and why it is important to you!

Fourth, enjoy the weight loss journey! When you find yourself fitting into some clothes you haven’t worn for awhile, enjoy the moment that you are able to wear them! Maybe it is easier now to sit in a certain chair. As these small positive moments are happening, record them and turn to them often!

Fifth, are you holding onto any fears about losing weight? It is important to address those as well. What is stopping you? Are you afraid about the feelings of your friends or significant other? What are the expectations of yourself when you lose the weight?

Sixth, remove any obstacles that you can change. Study your environment. Are there some things that you can do to make it easier to stay on your program? What foods do you have at home and at work? Do you have a lot of social events on the calendar?

Finally, you may need to take the “one day at a time” approach. In this way, your weight loss and maintenance are not overwhelming! You can do it!

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