Strategies to Lose Weight this Winter

Strategies to Lose Weight this WinterThe winter months signify holidays filled with feasting on rich foods, abandoning your diet, and promising to do better next year. Break the tradition this year. With the cold weather beckoning you indoors weight loss in Ohio can be tough, but these strategies can help you to lose weight this winter.

  1. Get moving. It may seem too cold to take a walk outside, but you can still log some miles by constantly moving around your house. Try multi-tasking. Lunge or squat while you are talking on the phone. Do some calf raises as you brush your teeth or wash dishes. Jog, rather than walk, to the mailbox.
  2. Satisfy your sweet tooth. First, try drinking a full glass of water. Thirst often masks itself as hunger. If you are having an irresistible craving, go ahead and indulge a bit, but set apart exactly what you will eat to keep yourself from devouring the entire dessert. Loaded with healthy antioxidants, dark chocolate is an excellent choice.
  3. Shrink your plate size. Research has shown that people automatically eat more when they are given larger plates. Try using a smaller plate to help with portion control.
  4. Savor every bite. Holiday foods are rich and often loaded with calories. Rather than depriving yourself of these tasty treats, slowly chew and savor each bite. The extra time allows your stomach to communicate with your brain that you are full, thus preventing you from overeating.
  5. Limit alcohol consumption. Alcohol is filled with empty calories that can add up quickly. If you decide to have a drink, sip on it all night long. Try stretching out the life of your drink by adding some club soda. Remember to stay hydrated.

Don’t wait until January rolls around! Follow these simple weight loss tips to start your weight loss resolution now.

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