Stress and Overeating

For some people, stress (either good or bad stress) can contribute to overeating! Continual stress therefore can play havoc with someone trying to lose and maintain a healthy weight. People who are vulnerable to using food to cope with their stress may find a book “50 Ways to Soothe Yourself without Food” by Susan Albers, Psy.D. helpful. Some of the techniques Dr. Albers addresses in her book include mindful meditation techniques, changing your thoughts, and also soothing and pampering yourself in other ways.

Examples Dr. Albers gives in her book of soothing yourself without food are listening to music, starting a craft, window shopping, connecting with friends, movies that can lift your spirits, etc. One idea that she gives in the book is creating a “Comfort Kit.” She suggests creating a comfort kit that one can turn to when immediate help is needed. This kit may contain things other than food that can be of comfort for you as an individual – for example a journal, pleasurable book, bottle of lotion, tea bag, etc. So if emotional eating has been a problem for you, you may pick up a copy of this book and try some to these solutions!

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