Stretching and Weight Loss Misconceptions

Stretching and Weight Loss MisconceptionsThere’s no doubt that stretching helps reduce stress, increases flexibility and prevents injury. But will it make you longer or leaner? Experts say no. Because of the way the human body is composed, it’s impossible to make muscles longer and bodies thinner through stretching alone. However, stretching is an effective way to support a healthy, fat-burning fitness routine.

Muscles come in all shapes and sizes. Some people inherit thin muscles while others might inherit bulkier muscles. Muscles can be changed through exercise and diet, but they can’t be significantly changed in a way that changes the length of your body.

Instead, weight loss should be promoted through calorie and fat burning that helps reduce fat on the body. Someone who does yoga might have a great body, but they achieve that body through a combination of diet and exercise, not through yoga alone.

If you’re striving for weight loss and you want to stretch, just be sure to pair your stretching routine with healthy activities within your comfort range. Stay active and balance your diet to achieve healthy, long-lasting weight loss.

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