Support and Accountability Key to Long-Term Success

Support and Accountability Key to Long-Term SuccessFor many years, FOCUS GROUP has met at 11 AM every Friday morning at CONCI’S east office location. This women’s group is comprised of those who want on-going support and accountability after completing their weight loss. Although new members are constantly joining, there is a core group of women who have literally come for years. These women feel strongly that their continued contact with the clinic through this group has been key in keeping the weight off. Convincing patients to get involved in a maintenance program or support group has historically been a challenge for health professionals. These women are testimony to the fact that “staying in treatment” does make a difference with long-term success.

The group is facilitated by a registered dietitian who has 23 years of experience with CONCI. Despite the fact that these women have met for years, the ladies will agree that they always learn something new. Beyond the educational component of the class, these ladies have come to share a strong bond with each other, knowing they have all gone down the same path.

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