Support – Another Tool for Weight Loss

Support - Another Tool for Weight LossMany people try to lose weight on their own, and don’t want to rely on other people to help them! However, a good support system is a valuable tool to help you succeed in long-term weight maintenance. There are times when losing and managing your weight is more difficult than others. At times like these, having supportive people around you can be invaluable. There are some things you can do to build this support system.

First of all, think about those who are close to you. You may want to ask them how they feel about you losing weight – what are their fears, feelings, and expectations. Next, be specific and tell them what specific things they can do to support you. Maybe, they can put the leftovers away, and not leave food out on the counters. Maybe they can exercise with you or take some long walks with you  in the evening. Or they can just listen if you get frustrated at times. It is important that you tell them about your desire to achieve a healthy weight. You may want to share with them, your motivation for wanting to lose the weight.

There may be people in your environment who are pessimists or saboteurs. Avoid them and simply tell them that you do not want to discuss it. If they are sabotaging your efforts,  let them politely know that you don’t appreciate their behaviors or words.

It is also important to let those around you know that you would like support not just during the weight loss, but also during weight maintenance. Many people are supportive during the weight loss phase, but then think things should “Get back to normal” after you have finished losing the weight.  You need to remind them that you will need ongoing support to manage your weight in this “toxic food environment.”

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