Support from Family and Friends during Weight loss and Maintenance

Support from Family and Friends during Weight loss and MaintenanceLosing and maintaining weight can be helped by support from family, friends and co-workers.  Support from family and friends is important, but they must have a good understanding of what you are doing and why you are doing it. Communication is crucial for the support you need. Here are some things to share with those around you during the weight loss process and when you begin into the maintenance phase of your program.

  1. Realize that obesity is a disease which can be life-threatening. There is no cure for obesity, but it can be controlled.  Those who are successful in controlling their weight have a plan every day and they don’t take a vacation from obesity.
  2. Try to avoid snacking and grazing. If possible, confine eating to scheduled meals and times. Sabotage can happen without realizing it!
  3. Reinforce positive behaviors displayed by the dieter.
  4. Discuss feelings and expectations about weight loss and maintenance.
  5. Clear the table after meals so leftovers will not be tempting. Keep non-healthy foods out of the environment, not just during the weight loss phase but as a way of life!!
  6. Exercise together, and make it fun! Every few months, explore new ways to be active. With the change of seasons, there is an opportunity to try new activities!
  7. Make a “healthy lifestyle” the goal of the family.  Brainstorm different ways to eat better, be more active, and get enough rest!
  8. Help separate activities from eating.
  9. Help keep food out of sight.
  10. Help with food shopping.
  11. Be supportive in long-term maintenance of the weight loss as well.  More support may actually be needed to reinforce the healthy lifestyle. Even though weight loss is short term, weight maintenance needs long-term control.  Periodic discussions of goals, health, expectations, and feelings can be beneficial for long-term maintenance!
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