Survey suggests Americans in denial about weight

Survey suggests Americans in denial about weightAccording to a survey conducted by Consumer Reports, 90% of Americans perceive their food habits as healthy. Although it is a known fact that 68% of Americans are overweight or obese, only 11% of those surveyed by Consumer Reports said they were very overweight or obese. This suggests either denial or misunderstanding about obesity and healthy eating, or both, by Americans.

Americans need to become better educated about the products they purchase. Label reading can be deceptive. Rather than reading the front of package, look at the ingredient listing for a more accurate picture of what that product actually offers. Portion control is another area that needs to be addressed. Because portions are so large, Americans are consuming far more fat and sugar than they realize. Plus, Americans are not aware that sugar is present in many foods that are not considered to be sweets. Portion control is so out of control that, even when portions are cut back, they are still probably larger than what they should be.

Researchers at Johns-Hopkins feel that, by 2020, over 75% of the U.S. population will be overweight or obese. By 2032, the estimate is 90%.

Food, nutrition, and the science of obesity are very confusing. Classes at the Central Ohio Nutrition Center help patients make sense of this information and put it to practical use.

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