Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving ThoughtsThere are moments in life when we lean in, we gaze closely and our eyes are unveiled to little treasures along our path. We notice the lady bug taking a vertical trip up a window, we allow the last bit of summer sun to warm our face after work or we might reflect upon the joy of an encouraging word.

Research shows that there is a strong connection between gratitude and health. “Grateful people take better care of themselves and engage in more protective health behaviors like regular exercise, a healthy diet and regular physical examinations,” according to Robert Emmons, Ph.D. University of California at Davis. Grateful people tend to be more optimistic which helps boost their immune system and helps to better manage stress in their lives.

In celebration of Thanksgiving holiday and looking at life through a lens of wonder and gratitude, we at CONCI just want you to know we are so very thankful for each and every one of you!  We consider it a privilege to partner with each of you as you restructure the flow of each day and live life with renewed energy, strength and purpose. Golf lessons, hiking, water aerobics, 5K’s, reorganizing kitchens, and exploring new recipes are now part of “living large” as you get smaller. We celebrate with you as you make room for more “margin in your daily routine” to simply breathe and celebrate life.

Have a blessed and thanks filled holiday!

Kathy Barrows, PhD, RDN

Director of Grove City office of the Central Ohio Nutrition Center

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