The Holidays – Enjoy them without Gaining Weight

The Holidays - Enjoy them without Gaining WeightThe holidays are upon us, and there are many traditions that take us away from our regular routines! Instead of “throwing all caution to the wind,” plan ahead in order to enjoy the holidays and practice good healthy eating and exercise habits. In fact, you may enjoy the holidays more, if you feel good, and focus on other joys of the holiday season.

  1. First of all, plan ahead. People who are successful in controlling their weight, have a plan every day. Take food and drink with you to events so that you can avoid temptation. Always have a contingency plan to avoid true hunger. Appropriate meals/snacks will lead to your success.
  2. Examine the holidays and the traditions. One person who used to bake dozens of cookies to give away during the holidays, now does arts and crafts and gives those away instead.  So she is not tempted to snack on her cookies, and yet still enjoys giving small gifts! She has now maintained her weight loss for 5 years!
  3. Increase your awareness of your social events and how much food will be present. It may be more important for you to attend one event than another, and not be as tempted.
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  5. Stay physically active. This will help you feel better, and stay on track!
  6. Look forward to all the other aspects of the holidays- time off, being with friends and family, rest and relaxation, and doing some activities you never had time to do!
  7. And last, focus on all the positive changes you have made this past year, and all the benefits of the weight loss. Maybe now you can fit into chairs more comfortably, attend your grandchild’s events, sleep better, and move much easier!
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  9. Think how you will feel in January when you have maintained a weight loss or lost weight as opposed to putting on the “traditional” pounds during the holidays!
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