The Party is Over

the party is overThe holiday season has come to an end, and it is time to regain control of eating. After several weeks of a weakened resolve due to especially tempting food, a challenge presents itself in regard to returning to disciplined eating. How easy it is to fall back into old habits when “a break” has been taken from healthy eating. Unfortunately, we cannot have our cake and eat it too.

STEP 1: The first step to a return to controlled eating is to assess the damage. Get on the scale. Realize and accept that the upward trend in weight resulted from excess calories and poor attention to eating behavior.

Step 2: What was eaten during the holiday season does not matter. What matters is WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. In other words, what matters is getting back on track with the eating habits and discipline that you know works for you.

STEP 3: Keep a food record. A food record will show you where you have gotten off track. It will also show you where you may have continued to do well.

STEP 4: Be accountable to someone. CONCI dietitians are always available to be your coach. CONCI’S doors are always open for a quick stop in to weigh. Psychologically, knowing your weight will be recorded in a medical record can be enough to encourage more disciplined eating.

STEP 5: Realizing and accepting that “there is always a price to pay for whatever it is we want in life.” The price incurred for a lower, healthier weight is a combination of healthful eating habits and regular exercise.

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