The Scale and You

The Scale and YouWe advise you to weigh yourself daily. Studies show that people who weigh themselves daily are more successful at long-term weight loss than those who weigh themselves weekly. Experts speculate that frequent weigh-ins remind you of your goals and help keep you motivated. Track your daily weight on a graph. A graph helps you  see the big picture: Rather than focusing on one day’s number, look at trends over several days, weeks, or months. There is nothing more motivating than seeing that line move downward over time!

A graph is also helpful because it can help you become accustomed to the fact that the number on the scale does fluctuate each day. The line won’t always move downward, and that’s okay. Weight normally varies from day to day, based on factors like how much water your body is retaining, among others. Seeing these normal fluctuations on a graph should not discourage you. Learn to look past the little ups and downs and focus on the larger trends.

Another advantage to graphing with daily weigh-ins is that it helps you self-monitor more effectively. If you see your weight beginning to trend in the wrong direction, you can take steps to nip that trend in the bud.

Keep weighing yourself daily even after you meet your weight goals. Research has shown that people who have lost weight and continue to weigh themselves regularly afterward are better able to keep the weight off.  Doing so will greatly increase your chances of both short-term and lifelong success.

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