The Timing of Your Exercise Program

The Timing of Your Exercise ProgramDoes it matter when you exercise? How do you fit exercise into your schedule? Does exercising late at night interfere with your sleep? These are questions you might be wondering about when trying to figure out when is the best time to exercise. For some people, doing exercise first thing in the morning works best because there is less interference from other activities that crop up during the day, like work, child care and phone calls. Also, fatigue tends to set in as the day wears on. Some studies have shown that those who exercise first thing in the morning are more likely to stick with the exercise long-term. In other words, they continue doing it longer and are less likely to abandon their program.

Another common fitness question is if exercise late in the day affects sleep. Researchers from the University of Kentucky reported that when people who normally slept well did not experience difficulty sleeping after an evening workout, even with as short of a gap as 30 minutes in between activity and their bedtime. These researchers concluded that exercising in the evening before bed had no effect on the quality of sleep. Now the researchers are examining people with prior sleep problems to see if they are affected by night-time exercise.

Most experts conclude that the important thing is doing the exercise! Wherever you can fit it into your daily schedule will work best for you. If the evening is most convenient, then you may be more likely to stick with it, so just do it!

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