The Weather and Your Exercise Program

The Weather and Your Exercise ProgramWhether you realize it or not, as cold, rainy weather approaches us in central Ohio it can greatly affect your physical activity. The days are shorter, and it may not be as easy to take that stroll around the block or walk your dog! So now is the time to plan your physical activity for November through February!

What can you do for fun right now? Your Columbus Metro parks may offer a diversion from your normal routine, so bundle up and try something new. Make plans to experiment and find out what you really enjoy. We have parks, rivers, and rolling hills in Ohio!! There is plenty to explore!

Of course, at home, you can have your exercise program ready. If you have a treadmill or elliptical machine, make sure it is in a room that is pleasurable perhaps with a TV or music. Build it right into your daily routine! You can also count housework as a way to get in more movement! Just put in music, dance as you clean, and you can accomplish many things at once! Try a new fitness DVD or try incorporating a new strength program (with permission from your doctor).

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Plan now for the next few months and before you know it spring will be here!

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