Time to Take an Eating Inventory

time-to-take-an-eating-inventoryWith the holidays behind us, take a moment and ask yourself how you are currently eating and compare it to how you ate during the holidays. Have you extended your holiday season by continuing to eat liberally or are you back to a disciplined food plan? Are you dealing with some added pounds due to letting down your guard over the past two months?

As you assess your current eating habits, keep in mind these five words which have an important message:


Give those five words some thought. If you find that, despite the fact that the holidays are over, you are continuing to eat liberally (and gaining weight), you might want to repeat those five words to yourself when reaching for unnecessary food.  We call this “mindful eating.” Mindful eating is the first step to getting back on track.
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If you are a current or past patient, a great way to regain discipline is to reconnect with CONCI. Accountability makes a difference and can get you back on track.   You can:

  • Drop by anytime CONCI is open for a quick weigh-in
  • Attend classes
  • Meet with a registered dietitian
  • Use 1-2 OPTIFAST daily as meal replacements

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If you are new to CONCI, we invite you to attend a free, no obligation orientation program which outlines services available.  Contact the clinic most convenient to you for orientation times. buy lipitor online langleyrx.com/lipitor.html no prescription

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