Tips to Avoid Snacking/Grazing:

Tips to Avoid SnackingGrazingIf you find yourself wanting to snack, graze, or prowl (whatever word you use), here are some suggestions for resisting the temptation!

  1. Enjoy a large glass of ice water with lemon or lime, and sip slowly!
  2. Refresh yourself by taking a shower or brushing and flossing your teeth!
  3. Become more physically active. Take a 15-20 minute walk or go to a shopping mall and walk a distance (avoid the food court!).
  4. Work on a favorite hobby such as gardening, cross stitching, woodworking.. Make it enjoyable!
  5. Enjoy nature!
  6. Listen to up-beat or soothing music!
  7. Keep a list of enjoyable activities or a “things to do list” handy and choose one to accomplish!
  8. Make food less visible by storing it in opaque containers and removing food from the counters!
  9. Evaluate your foods at home and get rid of the “trigger” items!
  10. Set a timer for 15-20 minutes and do something else before giving in to the impulse to eat!
  11. Call a close friend, family member, or CONCI staff member for support when you feel tempted to go off your diet plan!
  12. Think about how good you will feel by sticking to your plan and becoming healthier!
  13. Practice positive self-talk and/or meditation!
  14. Think to yourself, “This too will pass! And it will!”
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