Track Your Technology Time

track your technology timeAmericans sit too much. Technology has contributed to that. Take a good hard look at your screen habit. How much time do you spend online? Surfing the internet, Facebook, Twitter, texting? What does this have to do with weight control? Think about it…when engaged in these activities, we are usually sitting and burning minimal calories.

Start setting daily limits on technology usage. Hopefully, just becoming more mindful of time spent on devices is all you need to become more aware. But, if you need help, “there’s an app for that!” The newly released app is called Moment, and it tracks how much you use your iPhone or iPad daily (there is not an android version yet). The app is designed to encourage a healthier balance between our real lives and those lived through the small screens of our digital devices.  By creating a daily limit on usage, the app will notify you when you have exceeded the limit set and make you more aware of the extent of your device usage. How ironic! Your phone will let you know when it is time to put down the phone!

The take-home message is to stop sitting so much. One way to do that is to lessen usage of technology that forces us to be sedentary. Regular physical activity is necessary for long term weight maintenance. Get off your technology and get on your treadmill! No treadmill? ANY activity is better than sitting.

Fran Matteson, MS,RD

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