Trusage comes to CONCI

Trusage comes to CONCIThe Central Ohio Nutrition Center has added a new personalized support/behavioral component to our comprehensive weight management programs.  Along with our onsite group sessions, we have contracted with an expert psychologist, Dr. Brian Alman, who has had 30 years of experience working with obesity and weight loss.  Dr. Alman developed  Trusage, an emotional/mental approach, that will help you lose weight and keep it off!  Trusage  provides individualized expertise on behavior modification for weight loss through personal coaching.

Trusage involves 3-10 minute pre-recorded phone calls per week and 3 follow-up emails. You will decide where and when you will get the phone calls.  It will be on your schedule and at your convenience.  The phone calls are by Dr. Alman himself.  Trusage addresses the emotional aspect of weight control and gives tools to help deal with the challenges that face the dieter.  The content of the calls will help immediately and also long-term!  These calls are personalized based on your responses to questions you answer at the beginning of the contact.

Participants in Trusage agreed that the messages significantly improved their lives, and that they felt supported and connected, and that their needs were better met.  Studies also showed that Trusage participants lost significantly more weight as compared to a acontrol group of dieters!

The Trusage program is a 16 week program with 96 contacts.  As you well know, weight loss is a daily challenge, and the more frequent contacts will give you the support you need!

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