Vacations – Enjoy them without Gaining Weight

Vacations, Enjoy them without Gaining WeightVacations are part of our culture, and we have need to examine the purpose of them as opposed to throwing “all caution to the wind” in terms of our food intake!   Vacations do take us away from our regular routine and we may have to plan ahead in order to enjoy ourselves but still eat healthfully.  Here are 4 tips to help you enjoy the vacation but still follow a healthy eating plan!

  1. First of all, examine the vacation you are about to take. Some vacations, like cruises, are very difficult because the temptation is 24-7.   So perhaps another type of vacation would still be very enjoyable but yet easier for you to maintain focus on your health and weight.  An active vacation where you might be sightseeing, may not put the emphasis on food and large meals.
  2. Plan ahead. People who are successful in controlling their weight, have a plan every day. Take food and drink that makes it easier to avoid temptation. Always have a contingency plan so you avoid true hunger.  Appropriate meals/snacks will lead to your success.
  3. Increase your awareness of your surroundings and the food. Talk to your fellow travelers and get their support for a healthier vacation.
  4. Review your understanding of your weight problem.  Know what your history has previously been on vacation. Look forward to all the other aspects of vacation; time off, time with friends and family, rest and relaxation, seeing new surroundings, and maybe doing some activities that you never have time to do!  In other words, think how good you will feel when you come back from vacation and have maintained or lost a small amount of weight and are refreshed!
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