We Can’t Outrun a Bad Diet

America’s calorie laden highly processed diet, according to British researchers, contributes to more health issues than lack of exercise, alcohol, and smoking combined.  Research suggests that  as many as 40% of those considered to be in a healthy weight range, even if they exercise,  will still have metabolic abnormalities usually associated with obesity.

The British researchers believe that the source of calories is what matters.  They feel that sugar and carbs are the reason for the obesity epidemic because sugar calories promote fat storage and hunger, while fat calories help with satiety.  Since America’s grab-and-go way of eating which is dependent largely on processed high- sugar food is the norm even for many of those who do exercise, the British study  (British Journal of Sports Medicine 2015) points out that exercise is not enough to undo the damage that the poor food choices cause over time.
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While most agree that the jury is still out regarding the effects of a diet high in sugar, it is a well-known fact that processed food eaten on a regular basis, regardless of how much sugar the food contains, creates the perfect storm for weight gain and the medical issues resulting from it.
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Be aware of false claims that lure you into thinking that highly processed foods are better for you than they really are.  Get educated about food, be a detective when reading nutrition labels, and, most of all, cook and eat simply.  The more basic and simple the food is, the lower in calories it will automatically be.  Eat better and eat smart rather than trying to outrun a bad diet.
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Need help?  Call CONCI to speak to a registered dietitian.  We can clarify what you need to do and how you need to do it.

Fran Matteson, MS,RD

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