Weight loss Success! Are You Ready?

Weight loss Success! Are You ReadyThis time of year everyone is making New Year resolutions.  If your resolution includes weight loss and maintenance, then you are not alone!  How do you make sure that you achieve your goals and fulfill your resolutions this year?

There are five important questions that you can answer to determine if you have made the right commitment to weight management.

  1. Are you ready to devote the effort necessary to learn to manage your weight for life, considering this will involve time and vigilance?
  2. Will weight management be a high priority in your life?
  3. Is your weight truly the problem you are most concerned about? Or are there other problems or health issues that need to be addressed as well?
  4. Are  you able to commit to a regular exercise schedule or continue with the schedule you have already started?  Are you committed to become more active?
  5. Do you bring a positive attitude and the expectation of success to this effort?

If you have answered these questions “yes,” then you are on the right path for weight loss and a healthier life. Make sure that you address other problem areas in your life as well along the way. You may ask that others in your life support you in specific ways to achieve your goals.  Focus on the rewards that weight loss and maintenance will bring you. Many of these rewards are health-related and therefore will improve your quality of life!  Take charge of your well-being and accept responsibility for the choices you make!

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