Weight Maintenance Factors-Highly Gender-Specific

Weight Maintenance Factors(from Obesity Week Nov. 2014) 

According to the researcher Karkkainen at the University of Helsinki, highly gender-specific factors are associated with successful weight maintenance in young men and women (average age 24 at baseline).  These subjects were born between 1975 and 1979, and were studied to see how well they maintained their weight.

29.6% of women and 23% of men maintained their weight for 10 years. Weight gain in women was associated with more frequent use of sweet drinks, irregular eating, intentional weight loss attempts, having two or more children, and being less satisfied with their life, whereas exercise was associated with successful weight maintenance.

Irregular eating, intentional weight loss attempts and smoking were associated with weight gain among men, whereas higher baseline BMI and higher education were associated with successful weight maintenance.  It was noted by Karkkainen that more research needs to be done to assist primary weight maintenance and to understand gender-specific factors.

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