What’s the Right Diet for You?

Considering starting a new diet? Suppose you read about a weight loss plan that all the celebrities are using. Maybe a friend recommended a diet that has worked well for her/him.  How do you know which weight loss plan is right for you?  Consider these factors when choosing a weight loss plan.

Does the diet plan fit into your lifestyle? If you work third shift or different hours than the nine-to-five, will the plan allow you to have enough energy at the appropriate times?  Also, you need to consider your time and food preparation. How much time do you have for food preparation? How much are you willing to do?

What about your past experience with dieting? Has there been a plan in the past that has worked for you? What did you like and did not like about it?

Do you like the foods that are suggested in the diet plan? Or are you willing to try new foods?  This is important in that you want to be able to stick as closely to the diet plan as possible.

Is the eating plan balanced?  When you look over the plan, do you see variety? Make sure the plan  includes the important nutrients for your health!

There is no one diet plan that fits everyone!  In other words, whether you are restricting carbohydrates or fats, the bottom line is that in order to lose weight, you have to decrease the number of calories you take in. Calories do count!  Choose a diet plan with which you are comfortable, which you can follow easily, can stick with long-term, and is good for your health!

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