What Gets in the Way of Your Diet?

What Gets in the Way of Your DietYou may have started out very motivated about losing weight! You know why you want to lose the weight and why is important to keep off the weight.  However, maybe a few things have slowed your progress.  The following is a list of things that sometimes get in the way of the dieter.

  1. You eat out frequently. The typical American eats out quite often now, not just for special occasions.  Try dining out less often.  Perhaps meet over a cup of coffee or go for a walk. As adults, dining out is perhaps the largest leisure-time activity.
  2. You don’t always pay attention to portion sizes. You may feel you eat healthy food. However, even if you eat too much of healthy food, it can cause weight gain or slow your progress.
  3. You tend to eat whenever food is around or when you are bored.  This is called mindless eating and can really slow your progress. Ask yourself if you are hungry before you reach for that specific food.
  4. Eating because other people are eating (not because you are hungry). Dare to be different and take care of yourself and your eating habits.
  5. You make food the food the most important pleasure in life. Food should be pleasurable, but should not be the only thing bringing you joy. Examine your life and make sure you are doing things on a daily basis that give your life meaning, purpose, and joy.
  6. You may have a lot of food around at home or at work.  Perhaps your environment is just loaded with temptations on a daily basis.  You may be able to control the food that is brought into your home even if you cannot do that at work.  Do the best you can at having a home conducive to maintaining a healthy weight.

Most important of all is to examine your goals and motivation.  Thinking about all the changes you have made and how much healthier you are, can help you stay the course and maintain your weight loss.

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