What Your Dietitian Does for Exercise

What Your Dietitian Does for ExerciseKathy Barrows, PhD, RD of the Grove City office shared her exercise routine. She begins with 10 minutes of stretching, leg lifts, sit-ups, planks and then about 35-40 minutes of cardio. The cardio consists of running (outside if at all possible) for 25 minutes and walking for about 10-15 minutes. She also uses hand weights (10 and 15 pounds) for upper body strength 3 days/week for about 10 minutes.

Millie Adams, MS, RD of the Grove City office is up at 5:00 AM brewing tea, and then she is on her elliptical by 6:00 AM. For her, the secret to morning exercise is definitely caffeine! She does 5 miles while she watches NCIS on DVD. Each episode is 42 minutes without commercials, and then she finishes up with 8 minutes of news and weather. Four days per week she does a series of stretching and weight lifting targeting hips, core, balance, and arms for 10-12 minutes. On Sundays she tries to do a 3-5 mile hike at a Metro park or a 15-20 mile bike ride.

Deb Hoehn, RD of the Polaris office is also up early at 5-5:30 AM and runs 6-7 days/week anywhere from 4-8 miles at a time when she is not training for ½ marathons. She also does strength training 3 times per week with weights at home (hand weights). She does bicep curls, tricep kick backs, squats, chest fly on an exercise ball, or good old fashion floor exercises. She also does planks for core strengthening!

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