Your Family May Benefit from Your Weight Loss Efforts

Your Family May Benefit from Your Weight Loss EffortsAlthough many people lose weight for their own health, appearance, and quality of life, some of the changes may have a larger impact on their own family. People don’t lose weight in a vacuum, and family and friends may be affected by the lifestyle and mind change regarding eating and exercise. A study recently published showed that family members were influenced in a positive way to lose weight and improve their health even though they were not the ones attending the group cognitive therapy session for weight loss. The study was published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Assoc. and showed that family members reduced their daily calorie intake by 200. Obese family members lost almost 6 pounds in six months.

Although this is just one study, keep this in mind when thinking about beginning a weight loss and maintenance journey. The benefits may be not just for yourself, but for some of those around you as well! Everyone benefits from healthy living!

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