Your Leisure Time

Your Leisure TimeHow do you spend your leisure time? You might not think that your leisure time is connected to your weight, but too much unstructured time can lead to overeating due to boredom or lack of stimulation. Therefore, it is important to examine your leisure time and how you fill it. What you choose to do in your leisure time should be fun and pleasurable and enhance your quality of life. (It may also increase your energy expenditure!)

Some people find that structuring their leisure time can be helpful. They may take a yoga class or a class at the art museum. Having structure with their leisure keeps them busy doing meaningful activities and may help keep their mind off of food and eating. It may involve learning a new skill which can give a lot of satisfaction. Sports, aquatics, playing a musical instrument, doing arts and crafts, dancing, participating in drama, walking your dog, and hobbies are just some of the things that can be done in leisure time. Although many of us enjoy the television and computer, it may be important to structure our leisure time to increase our physical and mental activities.

For some people, the social aspect of the recreation is important, as it can encourage you to stick with an activity when you might otherwise give up. For others taking part in an activity on your own is pleasurable, and might even be part of the appeal. The important thing is to develop outlets and leisure activities other than eating or going out to eat. Your leisure time can give you gratification, enjoyment, and improve your physical and mental health!

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