Your Thanksgiving Meal

Your Thanksgiving MealIn a typical Thanksgiving meal, Americans will consume more than 1600 calories!

Turkey (6 oz) 340 calories
Ham (6 oz) 300 calories
Gravy -1/2 cup 150 calories
Pumpkin Pie – 1 piece 180 calories
Cranberry Sauce – ½ cup 190 calories
Rolls – 1 roll 155 calories (with butter)
Mashed Potatoes -1/2 cup 150 calories
Stuffing – ½ cup 180 calories
Green Bean Casserole – ½ cup 150 calories

The values calculated use the exact serving size listed! Most Americans won’t follow those!

No matter what dietary plan you are following, the important thing is to plan ahead! Think how good you will feel if you follow your plan!

Here are some non-food ideas for Thanksgiving Day!

  • Give thanks!
  • Go to a movie! Or watch videos!
  • Talk a walk, dance, play an active video game!
  • Take your dog for a walk!
  • Play board games!
  • Read!
  • Do puzzles (any kind!)!
  • Call relatives or friends!
  • Do crafts or projects!
  • Shop! (just stay away from the Food Court)
  • Go bowling, roller, or ice skating!
  • Listen to music!
  • Play an instrument!
  • Clean out your clothes closets!

Give thanks again!

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