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Celebrating 38 years of service to the residents of Columbus, Ohio and surrounding communities

38 years anniversaryAt the Central Ohio Nutrition Center, we understand that overweight individuals are exactly that – individuals. Since 1979, our team of medical weight loss doctors and dietitians have helped thousands of individuals lose weight and keep it off long term. We are dedicated to helping people improve their health and overcome the obstacles that obesity and overweight people face in their lives

Because medical weight loss is provided by doctors with advanced training in treating obesity and overweight individuals, we are able to offer programs and treatment options that are not available through non-medical programs.

These programs not only help you lose weight safely and quickly, they also treat the other medical problems you may be experiencing because of your weight.

When you join a medical weight loss program at Central Ohio Nutrition Center, you get more than just weight loss. You receive skills and strategies to ensure you don’t regain the weight you lose in the program.  At Central Ohio Nutrition Center your journey to a healthier body and lifestyle begins the moment you contact us. If you are ready to lose weight, we are ready to show you how.

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