CONCI Celebrates 40 Years!

 March 2019 marks the Central Ohio Nutrition Center’s  40th anniversary.  We began our journey in 1979 and have grown to offer our services at four offices city-wide.  Forty years later, the obesity epidemic continues, and our on-going mission is to help those who struggle with obesity and the medical conditions associated with it.

Have we made progress? We believe so. Although obesity continues to be a huge problem in this country, the science behind weight gain, treatment options, and the importance of patient follow-up are now so much better understood than they were 40 years ago. We still have a long way to go, but as we continue to stay current with research and the latest treatments, we can offer our patients individualized treatment options that will help improve the success rate of maintaining a weight loss!

With a 40-year track record, we believe our patients have confidence in us, in our treatment options, and in our compassionate care and support.

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