Kevin B.

Lost 255 pounds in 13 months!

“Follow the program instructions without exception”

Kevin B. started the OPTIFAST® program in August 2021 on the advice of his primary care physician. Although only in his early 40’s, Kevin was already dealing with sleep apnea, high blood pressure, diabetes, and severe joint pain, all likely due to his weight. He required medication to control these medical concerns. Increasing doses and/or adding more medication to control medical issues is common as weight continues to climb. Weight loss is by far the better alternative for disease control.

By October 2022, after 13 months on the OPTIFAST® program, Kevin had lost 255 pounds! That’s well over half of what he weighed when he came to CONCI for help. His BMI (body mass index) plummeted from 63 to 29, and his waist size dropped by 20 inches! He no longer has high blood pressure or diabetes, so was able to stop all prescription drugs needed for those problems. Although he still has some joint pain due to years of carrying excess weight, his pain level is much improved.

Kevin attributes his success to the well-defined structure of the OPTIFAST® program. He found that limiting food choices helped greatly with compliance. “Follow the program instructions without exception” is the message Kevin has for others contemplating the OPTIFAST® program.