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The 5 R’s of Motivation

Dr. Ard recently appeared on “The Balancing Act” segment with Olga Villaverde airing on Lifetime Television. Dr. Ard explained the 5 R’s of motivation and how the OPTIFAST program can support patients on their weight loss journey.

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Stimuli Narrowing and Weight Management

Why are people so successful on the Optifast Program? Some of the effectiveness can be attributed to stimuli narrowing. There are few choices to make (chocolate, vanilla or strawberry), so there is not much to worry about since the range of food cues is so drastically narrow.

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Mastering Maintenance

Successful maintenance CAN happen! Everyone seems to hear about the dieter who lost weight only to regain "all the weight lost and then some." For the person who is in the process of getting the weight off, this presents a bleak and foreboding picture of what that person can expect next. Hearing this kind of comment can easily take the wind out of the sails of the dieter who is approaching goal weight and about to embark on maintenance.

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Win a Trip to New York

OPTIFAST has announced a new weight loss contest where three big losers can enjoy big prizes, including a three-night trip for two to New York City, a spa makeover, and $500 shopping spree. Jessie Joslin, OPTIFAST marketing manager says, "At OPTIFAST, we've helped people transform their lives for more than 30 years-and we've seen what a huge impact losing a significant amount of weight does for our participants' health, confidence and outlook on life.

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