Angel H.

165 pounds lost and look at Angel now!

“Keeping active has been the key in losing inches and fully changing my body and mindset. I can’t imagine not working out or being active now. Some weeks my scale doesn’t change, but I can tell I’m still losing because clothes now fit that had previously been a little tight.”   “My life and my mental health have improved tremendously. My success has allowed me to believe in myself and in the lifestyle upgrade I feel confident I can maintain.”

Angel H., a patient at CONCI’S Gahanna office, has tracked her progress since the start of her weight loss. Her journey began with losing 100 pounds in 8 months on the OPTIFAST®program.

In July of 2021 she began her maintenance plan. Now, a year later, she lost an additional 65 pounds!

Her additional weight loss during maintenance was the result of calorie control, mindfulness in what she chose to eat, and commitment to daily exercise. A plan that limits choices has been a big part of her success. The food plan that works for her consists of protein-based meals along with the use of OPTIFAST®shakes.

Angel shared her vacation photos from July 2021 and July 2022 capturing in picture form the result of 2 years of motivation and consistent commitment. Her total transformation is amazing!