Margo & Mark

Lost a combined 220 pounds on OPTIFAST®!

“I’m off half of my meds and am no longer pre-diabetic!” – Mark P.”   “I find it hard to believe I’m now this size! My health is so much better. I wish I did this 40 years ago.” – Margo P.

Wow! Wow! Wow! It’s been a year since Mark and Margo began the OPTIFAST® program. Look at them now! What a difference a year makes (along with unwavering determination)! This couple lost a combined total of 220 pounds in 9 months. Their weight loss has profoundly improved their health. Prior to losing weight, Mark had hypertension, elevated cholesterol, and was told his blood sugar level put him in the pre-diabetic category. Thanks to weight loss, all 3 are now within the normal range! Elevated blood pressure, cholesterol, and liver enzymes prompted Margo to get serious about losing weight. Her dedication to the diet rewarded her with all 3 health issues showing improvement as well.