Sandra C.

Lost 50 pounds & 10 inches off waist in 7 months!

“I can’t stop singing my praise for everything I’ve learned and experienced with your wonderful company. I am certainly a much happier and healthier person than I was a year ago.”

For most of Sandra’s life, she was healthy, active, and trim, comfortably fitting into a size 10. But, in her mid-60’s, her weight gradually started creeping upward. No longer wearing size 10, she was buying clothes 2 sizes larger. Emotionally, she was down and dejected.

Sandra feared that she had reached an age of having to accept being overweight. Gaining was easy and losing seemed to be impossible! She was worried that the additional pounds she was carrying would eventually cause problems with her health. Having already had two knee surgeries due to many years of high-impact exercise and dancing, she knew the negative impact excess weight could have on her joints.

Three years ago, at age 73, Sandra retired from a career she loved, excited to embrace the next chapter in her life. She was ready to live the retirement lifestyle she desired but was feeling tired too much of the time and had lost the confidence in herself that she always had. She wanted to exercise again. She wanted to fit into her jeans again! She wanted to feel healthy again!

Sandra knew she needed professional help with her weight problem. Her frustration brought her to her physician’s office to seek advice. He referred her to CONCI. After researching OPTIFAST and meeting with the staff, she knew CONCI was the right fit for her. She chose to follow the OPTITRIM plan which incorporated one meal along with the OPTIFAST program.

In 7 months Sandra lost 50 pounds and took 10 inches off her waist! Fitting into her jeans was Sandra’s first goal. She reached that goal in just 2 months! She is now in the maintenance program, using a daily OPTIFAST shake or bar to help with calorie control. A monthly visit with a CONCI dietitian to stay accountable is part of Sandra’s maintenance plan.

Retirement is now all Sandra hoped it would be! Because of Sandra’s determination to lose weight, she has seen improvement in her health, self-esteem, and energy level. She has returned to exercise feeling stronger than she has felt in years. She’s back in size 10 and her jeans fit nicely!