Lost 170 pounds in 17 months!

“I lost the equivalent of a medium size adult man. I’m proud of how I look now. I’m healthy for my wife, my kids, and for myself. Losing weight allowed me to become who and what I wanted to become.”

Steve tried to lose weight for 25 years. He was at a low point in his life, not happy, and didn’t like what he saw when he would catch a glimpse of himself in a mirror or store window. Something needed to change, and he knew it had to be himself. Deciding that the pandemic was the perfect time to do something productive, Steve gave the OPTIFAST® program a try. After many previous struggles with weight loss, Steve was convinced he couldn’t lose weight on his own. As Steve put it “Losing weight takes a village.” CONCI was his “village” that provided what he needed during the process of losing weight. He felt comfortable at CONCI knowing the staff really cared about its patients. The dietitians provided the support, guidance, and education he needed to feel comfortable going forward with maintenance. Steve lost 170 pounds in 17 month